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March 14th, 2007 (07:22 pm)

I'm Not Okay, I'm:: tired
The Music or the Misery:: Alkaline Trio - Mercy Me

ZOMG first of 100 fics for boosh_100

Title: Flavour of the Weak [1 of 2]
Author: in_this_diaryxx
Prompt: 071. Broken.
Claim: Noel Fielding/Russell Brand
Pairing: Noel Fielding/Russell Brand
Rating: R -- drug abuse, swearing and Noel being a drama queen.
Word Count: 2,125
Summary: One night can ruin everything. He'll break a promise, break everything he's worked so hard for and break your heart all at the same time.
Disclaimer: If I owned either Noel or Russell, you think I'd be sat here, writing about them? No. Clearly I'd be putting them to good use. =D
Authors Notes: Totally written on a whim and hopefully got me out of writer's block. Tis a two part story, even if both parts will be quite short.

Flavour of the Weak

“Russell...hey Russell...”
Russell shifted under the duvet, groaning slightly before pulling it over his head.
“Come back in an hour or ten. I’m tired. You kept me awake too long last night, you whore.” Came a muffled reply from under the black duvet. Noel rolled his bright sapphire eyes.
“Get up, Russell.” He huffed, “We’re running late as it is, and you’re not exactly quick to get ready, y’know with you being so vain and believing you’re, in fact, God’s gift to the earth...”
“You’re one to talk, aren’t you? No man should own a veritable cornucopia of lip gloss like you do.” Russell’s sleepy voice answered, “Oh, on the contrary, I don’t believe I’m God’s gift to men and women, I know I am.”
“Just get moving.” Noel smiled weakly, looking down at the shape of his lover under the duvet, not knowing the evil smirk that was currently playing on Russell’s lips. As quick as lightening, Russell pushed the duvet off of the top half of his lithe body, reached over to grab Noel. He pulled Noel on top of him for second before rolling over to exchange places. His naked body was now pressed up against Noel’s clothed one. He lent on his forearms with his palms against the pillow, his face not far from Noel’s.
“You neglected to specify to which direction I was to get moving in. I moved. You can now stop being such a woman and nagging me to death.” He said simply, looking down into Noel’s eyes.
“For someone whose such a workaholic, you sure are not bothered that we have a rehearsal today.” Noel replied simply, wrapping his arms around Russell’s neck, idly running his fingers through his hair, which somehow managed to look amazing first thing in the morning. Or at least, that’s how Noel saw it anyway.
“I fancy having a day off.” Russell lent down to place a kiss on Noel’s strawberry glossed lips. “I fucking love you, you know.” He murmured, returning to look into Noel’s eyes.
“I love you too.” Noel replied automatically, smiling up at Russell before both deciding it was high time they took a day off together.

A week has passed since that morning when everything was magnificent in their world. After months of going around in circles, they finally worked it out and realised that they needed each other. They’d been confused, each of them spending a good amount of time apart and wondering what the hell made the other so special. Why they couldn’t get the other out of their mind for more than a few seconds. They wondered why kisses and touches from their respective girlfriends didn’t feel like anything, yet a playful kiss on the hand on a television quiz or a hug would make their hearts race. But that was all in the past and the ridiculousness of confusing something that was actually very obvious once they woke up and realised it was now behind them. It didn’t matter anymore because they had each other and discovered everything they’d once been missing. To only see them in public, you wouldn’t even know they were together, let alone how tender and romantic they actually were. A public persona is nothing to go by. And they did not flaunt their relationship to the world. No one needed to know other than a few close friends. Sure, there was speculation, but mostly that was just talk on the internet between fans. Nothing else mattered as long as they had each other.
But what goes up must come down at some point. One thing always leads to another…

The bass line from the music blasting through the speakers thumped so loudly that Russell could feel it vibrating under his feet. He moved through the throng of sweat soaked dancing bodies towards the bar where he ordered, with a bit of difficulty from the clearly dim bartender, a bottle of still mineral water. Bringing it to his lips, he took a long drink, the icy water hitting the back of his throat. He sighed slightly, unheard by even his own ears before returning to a small corner booth where some of his friends were sat, possibly trying to break the world’s record for most alcohol consumed in a single evening. It usually didn’t bother Russell when people drank, smoked or did anything else of a narcotic nature around him. He’d pretty much conquered those demons. But nights like these, when everyone around him was, and he didn’t even have Noel around to keep him strong, it was proving to be difficult. The little malevolent voice in the back of his head was louder than the music around him.
“Are you okay?” Trevor looked over at Russell, noting the expression on his friend’s face.
“Huh? Oh, yeah, of course mate, I’m fine!” he lied, “Just feeling a bit…off.”
“Ah, I get you!” Trevor answered with a nod before returning to his conversation with a girl sitting next to him.
“I’m just going to...” he motioned in the vague direction of the lavatories, but no one really noticed. Sighing again, he stood up, walking towards the other side of the London nightclub. He was half way to his destination when he was stopped. In front of him now stood a woman who could have easily been a catwalk model, but was clearly just looking for an easier way to be known. And what better way than to attach herself to Russell Brand, who is not only a celebrity, but one with a reputation that she found could be of use to her. She had the body shape of someone who hadn’t eaten in a month, and the desperation in her bright emerald eyes of a penniless hooker on her first night. Russell looked her up and down, her body language and provocative dress sense screaming for attention. Despite all that was clearly wrong with the entire situation before him, he couldn’t help but feel attracted to the blonde. She was the type he used to go for, after all.
“Hi.” She smiled, a flash of immaculate teeth, contrasting against her tanned skin as she batted mascara coated eyelashes. Russell returned with a grin.
“Hello.” He replied, and before he knew it, he had been pulled onto the dance floor by the girl.

An hour or so of dancing with the girl, whose name Russell still didn’t know, passed and the pair ended up at the bar. The girl ordered him them both a drink, and without a second thought, Russell drank it, alcohol now back in his system for the first time in at least a year. After so long of being away from it, it hits you fast and before he knew it, he and the girl were both quite drunk after having drink after drink. Only for a second did Russell realise what he was doing, but he was in too deep now.
The rest of the night was a complete blur. All he knew was he missed this feeling. One night of fun wouldn’t do him too much damage, or so he believed at the time. He was caught in the moment, and for a few hours, everything was back to his perception of normal. And no one would ever have to know that he broke. It was just one night.

Keys jangled outside the locked door of the flat that Noel shared with Russell. He was quite tired after catching the early morning train back from Manchester after doing an interview for some television show, but at least he was home now. All Noel was thinking about on the way back was his big bed where he could get under the duvet, cuddle up to Russell and get some much needed sleep before he had to be up and working again. But his plans changed when he got back into his flat. Morrissey rubbed up against Noel’s leg as he let out a hungry ‘meow.’ Noel walked towards the kitchen to feed Russell’s cat as he inspected the flat. Everything was a mess, which was not how he’d left it, and Russell surely wouldn’t have destroyed it this badly on his own. He dropped his bag on the floor as he noticed a shirt he knew belonged to Russell on the floor, which wasn’t that shocking. What was shocking was the sight of a small woman’s top haphazardly dropped to the carpet. His eyes followed the trail of clothes to the bedroom, the door partially closed. His breath caught in his chest as he stepped towards the door, opening it slowly. The sight before him broke his heart. There he was, the person he’d given up everything he had before for. The one he’d trusted and fallen in love with, laying in their dishevelled bed, limbs entangled with a nameless girl. Noel took a step forwards into the room, catching sight of something far worse than what was on the mattress. On the floor next to the bed, Noel could see a used syringe, and upon closer inspection, a powdery residue on the bed side table. The cheating he could eventually handle and get over, but this was plain awful. Without collecting his thoughts or taking the time to further process what he was seeing, Noel lost his composure.
“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!” he bellowed, even startling himself a bit. Russell’s bloodshot eyes, opened half way, the image of Noel standing above him blurry. The girl beside him awoke as well, shocked at seeing another man in the room.
“You’re kinda cute. Wanna join us?” She slurred.
“Get the fuck out of here!” Noel shouted at the girl who quietly obliged, still too high and drunk to fight back. Noel stayed silent until the girl, who clearly had no dignity, collected her clothes, got dressed and left the flat to continue to sleep it off somewhere else. Russell sat up slowly, leaning against the headboard.
“Fuck…” he groaned, placing his palm on his forehead. “What the fuck happened last night.”
“You tell me.” Noel snapped back.
“I...I don’t remember.” Russell replied honestly, looking up at Noel, his expression more of hurt than of anger. He reached down by his feet, carefully picking up the discarded syringe. He said nothing, just held it to show Russell what he had done. “Oh...” he bit his bottom lip. “Let me explain-”
“What is there to explain, Russell?!” Noel interrupted, “You went out, picked up some random whore, got high and fucked her! What is there to explain?!”
“Did you think I wouldn’t find out?!”
“I don’t know what I was thinking. It all just sort of…happened…”
“It doesn’t ‘just happen’. You know you can’t do this shit just once. What happened to you?! I thought you were done with it all! You fucking idiot, Russell!” Noel paused, “If you wanna throw your life away, then do it! But don’t you dare drag me down with you!” he shouted before walking off into the living room. Russell, with a bit of difficulty, rolled out of bed, threw the first clothes he could find on and followed Noel, who now sat on the edge of the sofa looked as if he was going to cry or scream or be sick. Or all three. But he hadn’t left, so Russell felt he may have a chance to salvage this.
“Noel…listen to me, please.”
“What?” he mumbled, not turning to face him.
“I...I’m sorry I slept with that girl! If it’s any consolation, I didn’t even know her name.”
“I bet she feels fucking special.”
“This isn’t even about her. You promised me you were off the drugs.” Noel said as he stood up, “I’m not going to stay here while you throw it all away.”
“So you’re just going to leave me while I’m having a hard time?”
“You did this to yourself.” Noel said simply before turning and walking out the front door. He headed outside and as the early morning Camden air hit him, it was like someone knocked the wind out of him and hit the back of his knees with a baseball bat. He fell to the damn concrete below him as it all clicked what was really happening. His tears became uncontrollable, and he really didn’t care that people kept stopping and looking at him. Eventually, he got himself together enough to walk down the road, finding the first person’s place that he knew just to have a place to crash and calm down. It wasn’t easy seeing the person you were in love with destroying themselves. Noel knew he shouldn’t have left, but at that time, he had to.

What will happen next? Oh the suspence!


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