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March 20th, 2007 (11:10 am)

I'm Not Okay, I'm:: nervous
The Music or the Misery:: The Mighty Boosh - Howard's Suicide Song

Title: Kiss and Control
Pairing: Noel Fielding/Russell Brand
Rating: NC-17 omigod.
Warnings: Sex. Lots of it. Also, domination, submission and a bit of bondage thrown in for good measure.
Summary: Hmm...no summary. That'd be telling.
Disclaimer: It did happen. Ohyes...well...it did...juts not in real life...in my mind, however...
Author’s Notes: I have never in my life written anything like this. I'm a bit nervous to be posting it, tbh. Be gentle with me. And I totally got the title from the AFI song.

Moments like these were few and far between. These days, they were both so busy, they barely even got to see each other outside of rehearsals for their Goth Detectives charity gig, but even those were soon to be over. But with Russell appearing on pretty much every channel presenting something, and Noel working on the third series of ‘The Mighty Boosh’, they didn’t get much time together. A quickie backstage at the Royal Albert Hall was all well and good, but it still wasn’t the same. So, when they both had a night off, it was nice to just do nothing. And nothing they did. The remainders of a Chinese take away laid scattered on the coffee table in front of them, after deciding that, for one night, they’d stop caring so damn much about what they ate. One night of indulgence wouldn’t cause them to not fit into their skinny jeans in the morning. Russell sat on his sofa, the television remote in one hand, his other hand resting on Noel’s shoulder, his fingers idly fiddling with the ends of his hairspray coated ebony locks. Noel was stretched out across the sofa, his head in Russell’s black denim clad lap, his feet, in mismatching socks that Russell had spent a good amount of time making fun of earlier, dangled over the armrest. They’d spent the last hour or so in a comfortable silence, other than whatever Russell chose to leave on the television for a few moments. He didn’t leave it on anything for too long. He grew bored and would change the channel. He just couldn’t concentrate on anything that night. Noel shifted his body to find a more comfortable position, but ended up exactly how he started. He reached up his hand and took Russell’s in his, bringing it to his lips and placing a kiss on the back of his palm in a small gesture of adoration. Russell glanced down and smiled at him, and it was enough. That said everything. They were just happy to be around each other and not having to work. They imagined that real couples actually had nights like this and didn’t need to speak. They were both completely comfortable around each other, so for now, it was okay.

Noel smiled to himself, thinking about how they even ended up in this situation. Why it was possible to be this content for once. How it had taken a thirty-odd years for the pair of them to actually discover what love really felt like. It had only been a few months previous to this particular night. Another charity gig, but this time, Russell was on his own and Noel was with Julian, recycling old material from their live show. Noel and Russell were already friends and had been for awhile, but they hadn’t seen each other in awhile before Amnesty. After the show had ended, before the after party, Russell ended up in Noel’s dressing room. The mirror ball suit became a crumpled mess on the floor and neither of them ended up at the after party.

They didn’t meet again until the Big Fat Quiz of the Year, a television show for Channel Four. They ended up as team mates and won the game in their own unique style. During the quiz, the pair had found it almost impossible to keep their hands off each other. Quick hugs and kisses and lingering eye contact made them both realise what was happening. After a long conversation in Russell’s dressing room after the show, they knew that if they tried to deny what was so clearly there any longer, it would be destructive to them both.

“This is absurd.”

Noel was brought out of his train of thought and back to reality by the sound of Russell’s voice.

“What is?” he replied, looking up at Russell.

“I can’t find myself on any channel.” He laughed, looking down at the weight in his lap.

“You fucking narcissist.” Noel teased, watching as Russell flicked the television off. “Have you given up on it as you’re not whoring yourself to the masses on any show?”

“Pretty much.” Russell answered simply before smirking, “And besides, I have better things in mind then sitting here like this, as lovely as it is.”

“If it involves going out, you’re on your own, mate.” Noel answered simply, arching his back as he stretched, his t-shirt rising up as he did so, exposing abnormally pale flesh and a small trail of hair leading into his skin tight jeans. Russell looked at the slightly smaller man stretching and he made a slight ‘mmm’ing noise low in his throat.

“No, believe me Noel, it has nothing to do with leaving the flat.” He looked down at Noel with an evil grin, “Sit up.” He instructed. Noel huffed slightly as he swung his legs over the armrest, his socked feet hitting the carpet before he pushed himself up into a sitting position. Noel instinctively moved his pallid fingers to his hair, smoothing it out at the back, knowing it was probably sticking up in all directions. “You’re so vain.” Russell observed, leaning forward and placing a quick kiss on Noel’s lips. “Stay here.” He told him quietly, “And don’t you dare move.”

“Oh?” Noel arched an eyebrow, “And what if I do?”

“Then you’ll be punished.” Russell told him simply, donning a grin similar to a child up to no good. He stood, looking at Noel for a second longer before disappearing into the bedroom, which was situated behind the living room. It didn’t take long for Russell to reappear, his hands behind his back.

“What’re you hiding?”

“Turn back around.”


“Just do what I say and I won’t hurt you...too much.” Russell answered seriously, but the glint in his eye told Noel otherwise. Russell would never really hurt anyone, and Noel knew it. Nevertheless, he still did as he was told, Russell’s behaviour already beginning to drive him wild. While Russell had always been the more dominant of the pair, it was never quite like this. Noel had a feeling he was in for an interesting evening. He’d play along to whatever Russell had in mind. Anything to keep him happy.

“Okay...” Noel breathed, biting his bottom lip in anticipation.

“Noel...” Russell began, leaning close to his ear. “Do you trust me?”

“Yes.” Noel answered without missing a beat. “Of course I do.” He added just before his vision went black. A blood red blindfold was tied at the back of his head. Noel was a bit apprehensive about the situation he now found himself in, but at the same time, he felt how hard he was. Noel moved his fingers towards the blindfold, feeling the silky material, but Russell smacked his hands away. He took a deep breath as Russell began to speak again.

“Stand up.” He demanded, his voice emotionless. Noel stood in one swift motion, facing in the direction Russell’s voice was coming from. He couldn’t see Russell smirking at him as he approached him, but he could feel as Russell kissed him forcefully. Noel’s arms unconsciously reached out to find Russell’s slender hips as he kissed him, but Russell pushed his arms back down in front of him. Russell pulled back, and before Noel could figure out what was going on around him, he felt cold metal around his left wrist, followed by a clicking sound as it locked. The action was repeated on the right, the metal tight and cold against Noel’s bony wrists. Russell continued to smirk evilly, looking Noel up and down. He loved having complete control, and it was clear by Noel’s reactions that he was getting off on this. Russell had wanted to do this to Noel for a long time, but never had been brave enough until tonight. And his waiting was certainly paying off. This would be a night to remember.

Russell walked to the door of the bedroom,
“Follow the sound of my voice.” He said sharply. Noel nodded once before taking a tentative movement forwards. He continued with timid steps before Russell’s voice was heard again. “Stop!” he shouted, rolling his eyes. “For fucks sake, Morrissey, move!” Russell scolded his cat who decided to stop and take a bath directly in front of Noel’s feet. Noel couldn’t help but laugh. This was just their luck. It wasn’t the first time the cat had attempted to ruin a mood, and it probably wouldn’t be the last. Russell stepped forward, gently nudging the feline with his foot until he moved out of the way with an annoyed meow. “Jesus Christ.” He muttered as he returned to the doorway. It wouldn’t take much to get this back. He took a second to regain his composure, looking at Noel who was back to how he looked before, a captive in Russell’s complete control. He looked beautiful with the red cloth against his pale skin and black hair, the silver metal on scrawny, sallow wrists. Beautiful, but corrupted. Like a rent boy on his first night, awaiting debauchery and degradation. Or a hostage, walking to his captor to fulfil his wishes until his lust was satiated, only to be brought back again soon after.

“Russell?” Noel called out, reaching his arms out, his hands still chained together. Russell realised he’d been lost in his own fantasies, even though what he wanted was right in front of him.

“Keep walking.” Russell finally spoke again. Noel followed his instructions, taking careful steps. Russell walked backwards, further into bedroom and finally stopped, waiting for Noel to reach him. Noel only stopped once a pair of hands found his shoulders. “Get on your knees where you belong, you little whore.” Russell hissed, pushing down on the shorter man’s shoulders. Noel obliged, not that he had a choice in the matter. He dropped down hard to his knees before licking his lips in expectation. Russell undid his belt, his hand shaking from excitement, before dropping his trousers to the floor and kicking them off. He moved towards Noel, pressing himself up against Noel’s perfect, wet lips, which intuitively parted and slid along his length. Russell moaned as Noel’s tongue moved nimbly, flitting it in and out. Russell jolted his hips forward, his fingers laced into Noel’s thick, dark hair as he slid himself between the kneeling man's parted lips. He growled his approval and thrust deeper, enjoying the whimpers of discomfort that this drew. He dug his other hand into the hair at the crown of Noel’s head and yanked roughly, pushing himself even deeper. Noel couldn’t help but to gag at first, a sound Russell loved. But soon he fought the reflex and got to work, tears, mixed with eyeliner falling down his cheeks. He conjured more saliva, made sure his mouth was as wet as it could be as he worked his tongue furiously against the underside of Russell’s shaft. Russell’s eyes rolled to the back of his head and he attempted to thrust in further, hitting the back of Noel’s throat. Noel let out a muffled moan, dragging his teeth gently and slowly down Russell’s erection, taking in all he could.

He suddenly withdrew, pulling back. He was growing far too close to coming, and it was too early. Russell grinned, looking at Noel who seductively licked his lips.
“Stand up.” He demanded, watching as Noel stood shakily to his feet. Russell grinned, watching as Noel’s chest fell and rose with his heavy breathing. He moved towards Noel, kissing him again, hard and passionately. Noel replied, parting his lips once again, giving Russell access. As he kissed Noel, Russell slid his hands down Noel’s arms and down to the metal around his wrists. Not breaking the kiss, he clicked the safety catch on the cuffs. “Lift your arms up.” He ordered, pulling back as he threw the cuffs off to his side. Noel raised his arms up straight to allow Russell to remove his t-shirt. Silently he manoeuvred Noel to the foot of the double bed before pushing him down onto the mattress causing him to fall with a soft flop. “Back up.” Russell told him. Noel pushed himself up the bed with his legs until his head found a pillow. Russell crawled up after him, running his hand up the inside of Noel’s leg, over his erection and to the top of his jeans. Russell trailed kisses up Noel’s torso and neck, causing him to moan and whine. He finally reached Noel’s lips, and kissed them once again. He reached his long, thin fingers into Noel’s hair fiddling with the knot on the blindfold. He finally undid the bind and slipped it from Noel’s face as he broke the kiss. The first thing his bright blue eyes saw were Russell’s brown ones staring back at him. Noel smiled up at Russell, but it was soon gone. “Don’t you fucking smile at me. Did I tell you to? No. I’m not done with you.”

“Sorry.” Noel mumbled, averting his eyes like a little boy told off for eating the last biscuit.

Russell moved to undo Noel’s belt and pull his jeans off with one strong jerk. Noel, happy to have his sight back, looked down at Russell, making eye contact. Russell had an evil glint in his eye as he told Noel to sit up and pulled him on top of him, digging his thumbs into his protruding hip bones.

“I’m going to reward you.” Russell breathed, leaning close to Noel’s ear, “You’ve been naught but wonderful and behaved yourself.” He continued as he pushed hard into Noel, causing him to cry out. Russell pulled out, before shoved back into him. Noel screamed, his senses overwhelmed by the familiar cocktail of pleasure and pain. Noel’s fingers dug into Russell’s shoulders, grasping, clawing, not able to ever get enough of him.

It didn’t take long.
“Oh god! Russell! Oh fuck! Russell…I love you!” Noel whimpered, his breath gasping and shallow.

“If you love me, prove it.” Russell panted, “Noel, come for me, right now.” He demanded. And in one final act of true submission to Russell, Noel did as he was told. Russell was thrown over the edge, and with one final thrust, he was brought to a shuddering orgasm.

Russell tumbled backwards, his head hitting the pillow, and bringing Noel down with him. Noel rolled over to lay at Russell’s side, neither man particularly caring about the mess. A few seconds passed as they caught their breaths, their limbs intertwined and bodies close together.

“I love you too, by the way.” Russell finally breathed, grinning at Noel as he brushed Noel’s hair off of his face.

The pair began to drift off to sleep, Russell’s arms wrapped tightly around Noel, who laid curled up against Russell’s chest. Tomorrow would be another busy day. Russell had to record his Radio Two show and Noel had promised Julian and Michael that they’d spend all of tomorrow writing, and then they were both back at the Royal Albert Hall for a technical run through of their show. But an unseen smile formed on Noel’s sleepy face as he started to devise a plan. Next night they had off, Russell would be in for a huge surprise.


Posted by: pink love muffin (inkipink)
Posted at: March 20th, 2007 01:26 pm (UTC)

"Beautiful, but corrupted. Like a rent boy on his first night, awaiting debauchery and degradation"


just what I need to cheer myself up when I'm off work, poorly, thanky, I like v much

Posted by: Kay (snusnug)
Posted at: March 20th, 2007 04:51 pm (UTC)

Just the thing I need to come home to after stressful day at uni :D

Poor Morrissey getting in the way. I think I envy that cat, the things it must see.

Posted by: WeirdlyRolo (weirdlyrolo)
Posted at: March 20th, 2007 05:45 pm (UTC)

Yum for Russell.
Yum for Noel.
Yum for Morrisey, the saucy mix.

Posted by: this our chameleon (justwolf)
Posted at: March 20th, 2007 05:47 pm (UTC)
Goth Detectives

My, that was lovely. Very sexy.

Posted by: swingshiftcinderella (girlanachronizm)
Posted at: March 21st, 2007 05:08 pm (UTC)

Wow ... I've only just started reading russell/noel stories but this one is allready one of my favourites. It's so lovely and sexy at the same time, just like the two boys ...
Congratuwelldone - from belgium with love

Posted by: nice_faces (nice_faces)
Posted at: March 22nd, 2007 07:01 pm (UTC)

Oh, lovely story!! I <3 submissive Noel...

Or a hostage, walking to his captor to fulfil his wishes until his lust was satiated, only to be brought back again soon after.

Ummm, is it bad that I now want to write a fic with Noel as a hostage and Russell as his captor?? *smirk*

Posted by: Mellisaurus_Rex (revs_harlot)
Posted at: November 22nd, 2007 07:47 pm (UTC)

wow i loves it plz write more i like branding

Posted by: mrs_pritchard07 (mrs_pritchard07)
Posted at: June 2nd, 2008 10:33 am (UTC)

Next night they had off, Russell would be in for a huge surprise... amazing. could i possibly get a sequel from you??


Posted by: Li (saintli)
Posted at: November 21st, 2008 07:22 pm (UTC)

I loved this!