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July 18th, 2006 (11:39 am)

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The Music or the Misery:: Panic! At The Disco - But It's Better If You Do

Title: Questions
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Genre: Humour
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Much mentioning of sex, but nothing graphic
Pairings: Mentionings of Seto/Thai(OC), mentions of Gemini(OC)/Jun(OC), Mokuba/Hano(OC) if you squint and read between the lines, I suppose.
Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! I own Gemini Kaiba. Thai Kamazaki, Jun Hiraga and Hano Kamazaki are owned by bubblegum_thai9. All OCs are registered trademarks to geminiyugiohrpg/thaiandgemini.

This was origionally written for the now rather dead yami_no_fics. Seto and Mokuba theme 76 - The Birds and the Bees

“So yeah…it was disgusting!” the preteen boy shouted, throwing his arms in the air dramatically. “I mean…I don’t know what they were doing…but they were naked!” he continued.
“Dude…Hano…I don’t want to hear about my naked brother doing whatever it was he was doing to your equally naked sister…” huffed Mokuba Kaiba as he packed his things away for the day. He threw his books into his bag before he and his best friend, Hano Kamazaki, stood and walked out of the classroom.
“What do you think they were doing, anyway?” Hano asked, brushing a bang out of his violet eyes. “I mean…why were they naked and stuff…I think it’s called sex but I dunno what that is…do you?”
“I dunno…” Mokuba shrugged. “And we probably don’t want to. Adult stuff…” He added as they walked out of the gates to meet Mokuba’s sister who was hanging around outside the gates.
“Hey boys…” She greeted with a little wave.
“Uh…hi Gemini…” Mokuba replied with a look of confusion, “Where’s Kimi?” he asked, enquiring about the whereabouts of their nanny who usually picked them up.
“Knocked up, apparently. So she’s having a good long chat to her husband, who she hasn’t bonked in too long ago for her to just realise that she’s pregnant, to tell him she’s pregnant.” Gemini laughed. “So that’s why I’m here! Seto called me and told me to get you and take you home.”
“Super!” Hano grinned before the trio strolled back to Kaiba mansion, idly chatting about their days at school.

It was a few hours later when Mokuba wandered to his sister’s bedroom.
“Gemini…” He opened his sister’s bedroom door slowly.
“One second…” She could be heard talking into her phone, “Yeah kiddo?”
“Can I talk to you?”
“Make it quick.”
“Where do babies come from? Is it from that naked bed thing I’ve heard so much about…? And what is this ‘sex’ thing?” He asked simply. Gemini’s eyes widened before going back to her phone call,
“Jun sweetie…did you just hear what Mokuba asked…? Well that’s why I’m going to have to call you back, k?...yeah…love you too…see you tomorrow…” She hung up her phone and looked at her brother, “Okay…uhm…babies…” She bit her bottom lip, “What do you care? You’re too young to make them and probably gay so really…”
“Gemini!” Mokuba whined, “What is sex? And where do babies come from?!”
“I…uhm…” She paused, “Well, sex is fun and babies are the result of it.”
“Why don’t you talk to Seto…he can explain better then me, okay?”
“Fine…” Mokuba huffed before walking off down stairs. “Set-to…”
“Yes?” Seto replied, looking over his newspaper to the smaller boy.
“Can I talk to you?”
“Where do babies come from? And what is sex?” He paused, “Me and Hano were talking about sex earlier but don’t know…Seto…are you okay?!” Mokuba had to ask frantically as Seto fell out of his chair. Generally hearing his little brother say ‘me and Hano were talking about sex’ shocked him and now he was on the floor.
“Uhm…well…” Seto stammered, “When a man and a woman love each other very much…and well…in this day and age…when a woman and a woman or a man and a man love each other very much…they uhm…”
“Do you love Thai?”
“So many questions!” Seto exclaimed, “And why are you asking that?”
“Well, according to Hano, you and Thai were doing that thing where you’re naked…which I think is what sex is…”
“Very perceptive.” Seto replied quietly, “And yes, I do…but that’s not the matter at hand…”
“So where do babies come from? Gemini said it was the result of sex, which is fun apparently.”
“Yeah…that sounds like something she’d say…but…when you…uh…love someone very much…you uhm…” Seto stammered, “…call the stork…and have a baby delivered nine months later…?”
“Just how stupid do you think I am…?”
“Fine…I’m going to look up sex on the internet!” Mokuba said before turning and leaving the room. Seto sighed, not realising what his little brother had said.
“Don’t have children, Seto.” Gemini said from the doorway.
“Why’s that?”
“Well, you can’t explain the simplest of things…and you’ve just let Mokuba look up sex on the internet. Guess what? He’s not going to get a child-friendly explanation if you click on any of the websites that would be brought up by that search!” Gemini chuckled. Seto’s eyes widened and he jumped to his feet, but it was far too late.
“Oh. My. GOD!” Mokuba could be heard shouting.
“Close your eyes, Mokuba! Close your eyes!!” Seto shouted back as he ran off to try to save the scraps of his little brother’s innocence.


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